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Squz games is a Melbourne, Australia based software company. We aim to produce interesting applications, stuff you’d tell your friends about. Please leave a reply (below) if you want to know anything in particular.

30 thoughts on “About us

    1. Hi Artem,

      Thanks very much for reviewing our app, we’re so glad you like it.

      We will be happy to mention you on twitter and our blog.

      Cheers, Andrew

    1. Hi Angie,

      We have another fix on it’s way it’s ‘In Review’ with Apple which normally means an imminent release.

      Sorry for the hassles you have had. We hope the update resolves your problems.


  1. I love this game and play almost daily. Since the new iOS update the game no longer works. As soon as I open it, it crashes. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled but it still doesn’t work. Do you have any idea when this issue might be resolved?

  2. Hi,

    We have been asked to create an app which would be similar to some degree to ‘Your World’ in that there would be:

    A globe that can be spun round
    Individual selectable countries either from a bottom carousel or by clinking on a countries outline on the surface of the globe.

    We could create the above with 3D mapping etc but frankly it would be a massive pain in the butt and very time consuming.

    Given the above, would your consider reselling some of the globe functionality of your App (that we could reuse)?

    Please forward a phone number so that we can discuss the above.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Philip, thanks for your enquiry, at this stage we have no plans to offer the product as via license etc. it would need a lot of work to get it to this level. Cheers, Andrew

    1. Thanks for the good question! We will look into this, but at this stage we go by Wikipedia’s classifications of sovereign countries and territories etc.


  3. Hi Squz,

    I am Spin Chen form Taiwan.

    Our school is using “Your World” and this is really cool App that help student a lot. Don’t know do you plan make a full function App and put in App Store?

    I know we can go though “in App purchase” to make full function but when we restore iPad it need in App purchase again. For limit number of iPad reason each grade share them. That’s why we need backup/restore iPad weekly.

    Your feedback will much appreciated!


    1. Hi Spin,

      We are very happy that you are using our game in your school.

      You don’t have to pay again. As long as you use the same iTunes account that originally purchased the game *you will not be charged again for the same iTunes account*. Simply go through the in-app purchase again and it will recognise that you already have it and not charge you again, as long as you are using the same iTunes account that originally purchased the game.

      We are now adding some very unique features to the game that will make it even better to learn from. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for playing our game! 🙂


      1. Many thanks for the feedback Wanda, we will fix this in the next update.

        Thanks for playing our game, please don’t hesitate to shout out if you have any suggestions to make the app better.


      2. Hi Wanda,

        South Georgia/Singapore and Kinshasa location issue are resolved in 3.0.2 and is with Apple iTunes approval, fingers crossed you’ll have version shortly.


  4. Esfera isn’t played on a sphere exactly, but what is the shape? How many sides does it have? It looks like the soccer ball shape (truncated icosahedron), but with extra hexagons running through the pattern. I’m very curiois to see this shape in a 2D space so I can better understand the ins and outs of it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Sorry for the massively delayed response. We were also quite enamoured with the geometry of the sphere. We are also looking to come up with a bigger version soon, stay tuned 🙂


      1. Sorry, I meant 12 pentagons. There are 20 triangular regions between them and 132 cells in total (6 hexagonal-cells/triangle * 20 triangles + 12 pentagonal-cells).

  5. PS what version of cocos3D did you use? Is there a particular version of cocos3D you recommend? I am a bit scared of the beta status.. but your games look solid! I am totally new to iPhone dev and choosing an SDK/framework to get started in.

    Again– Cheers!

    1. Hi Gary,

      We don’t use Cocos3D. I have a strong preference for bare metal coding, with some home-grown tools when they can save us some typing. This may not be the right choice from a business and time-to-market perspective, but I enjoy the challenge. I also find that my skills develop more quickly and I achieve greater depth of understanding that way. Or I might just be suffering from NIH syndrome.

      We are far from convinced that a framework would be a net benefit to us. For instance, Your World relies on an intricate system of dynamic Vertex reordering and a non-trivial fragment shader in order to draw the 100-megapixel world in a blend of colour and gray at acceptable frame rates (AFAICT, Cocos3d doesn’t even support shaders, since it targets ES 1.1). In fact, the engine doesn’t represent the bulk of the time it took to build v2. Most of the effort went into the preprocessing pipeline to auto-generate country maps and an optimal tessellation. Very little of the project would have benefitted from a graphics framework.

      I’m not sure how I would translate any of this into advice on how you should proceed, but I will suggest that, if you have the stamina to bash your head against seemingly intractable problems for weeks (maybe months) on end, you should go bare metal, at least initially. The insights you’ll acquire are golden. However, there is a serious risk that you’ll burn out and give it all up in frustration, in which case, you are obviously better off getting a leg up from a framework of some kind. Regarding which framework to choose, I suggest you give yourself a week to decide, and if you haven’t decided by then, choose one at random, roll your sleeves up, and get cracking. In short: having an app in the app store matters far more than which engine you used to build it.


  6. Hey– it would be cool to add an in-app purchase for computer-against-computer play in Esfera (would be fun to watch).. And a flat normal chess board mode would be welcome.. (for switching to a normal chess game, in the familiar and nicely rendered Esfera environment.) Would be nice for online play to choose between regular Flat chess and Esfera chess. Even more interesting would be to compare wins in flat chess vs wins in Esfera chess.



    1. Indeed Gary, we have actually been working on a standard chess server that we’d like to plug in at some point. We agree with you that it would be nice to get some kind of dual app with both variants. We are not sure how to work out the money side of things. E.g. would you be willing to pay for playing Esfera online with friends? The alternative is to put ads into the app which would go to paying for servers etc. Thanks heaps for your feedback, it gives us some inspiration to keep improving Esfera! Tell your friends about it 🙂

  7. Good Afternoon Squz,

    My name is Ryan Conlin, and I am the Sales Coordinator at Fluent, Inc. We’re a digital marketing company that develops products, which enhance and optimize online website, application, and advertising inventory.

    We’ve recently launched a mobile-optimized ad platform that helps app developers/publishers monetize their new users. I’d like to set up a call or meeting with your team to find out more about Squz, and better-introduce our technology platform. We love what we have seen with your Esfera app, and we want to find a way to work together in 2011.

    When you have a few minutes, please reach out so we can schedule something in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to walk through our suite of products:


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for dropping us a line. Also thanks for the compliment about Esfera.

      We are actually busy at work trying to bring network gaming features to Esfera, and also more countries and higher res to Your World. After the next cycle of work we’ll probably have more time to think about marketing. I had a quick look at your website too, which is very well done.



  8. Awesome game Andrew! I don’t know how the concept was missed- it’s brilliant and very clever – well done. Send me a reply email and we’ll talk some more about the product I mentioned on Sunday. BTW, the one comment I’d make is that I couldn’t find a reference in the game at all to say who made the game. I think that would be good marketing. I had to go back to the AppStore search to find it.

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