Your World 3 released

After a long break we are happy to have released Your World version 3. The major addition is the Capital Cities of the world levels. Landmarks are coming soon.

What’s new in version 3x:

Your World now includes all capital cities of the world (with pictures), this is an amazing feature. The full set of improvements include:
• Learn 250+ capital cities of the world, including images of every city (major feature).
• Take advantage of full screen height on iPhone 5x.
• Fixed two flags: Libya and the U.S. State of Georgia.
• Fixed timer/clock, which was running too fast on some devices.
• Displaying larger selected country flag and name at top of screen.
• Fixed a range of bugs affecting app stability.
• Added Restore purchase button.

Please note that this version is not yet stable on iOS 6. We are pushing our a fix for this shortly.

4 thoughts on “Your World 3 released

  1. I love Your World and would like to have my school buy the app for my class set of iPads. Unfortunately, they seem unable to do that with the in-app purchase. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      We are delighted that you want to use Your World in the classroom. It is for this exact scenario that we created ‘Your World for Education’ which provides a fully paid version of the app especially catering to schools.

      Here’s a link to it in iTunes:

      Thanks so much for playing Your World and for introducing it to your school. Indeed it is one of our visions for the app to get as many school children benefiting from this fun and effective form of learning. We would love to hear more about your work.

      Stay tuned for more improvements to the app — all feedback about how we can improve it are most welcome 🙂


  2. I am really delighted to see this version, and that there seems to be some randomisation of the countries. A friend of mine quite literally bought an iPad because she loved playing this on mine so much. Quite the compliment!

    But my parents in law have the opposite problem. My husband gave them an android tablet and their disappointment at finding the app not available was almost comically great. They play it on my iPad whenever we visit. Is there ANY chance you will be issuing it for Android? For a reasonable app cost i hope it could pay for your development time.

    I am now going to explore esfera and see what that does to my marriage 😉


    1. Hi Janet,

      Many thanks for your kind words. We are equally delighted that you and your friends like our game so much. We want to keep adding new content to the game, so we hope that you continue to enjoy it.

      Regarding Android, we have discussed this possibility and at this stage it is not a short term focus of ours. Having said that, Android has increased in popularity dramatically, so we wouldn’t rule it out. So there’s definitely a chance we’ll see Your World (for Android), but not for a little while.

      Esfera is one for the strategy boffins, we are looking to add networking so you can play others online. Enjoy.

      Thanks again for the feedback and for playing our games.


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