Esfera is now FREE in anticipation of network Esfera

We have had extremely good feedback regarding Esfera on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to everyone who has played the game.

Previously Esfera was being sold for ~$3 and there was no free version. We did this mainly because we thought it was a good quality, unique game that would be followed up by a network version of the product. Since that time, we have produced Your World which came together very rapidly and was definitely the right thing for us to focus on. Your World has very broad appeal and is getting downloaded by many thousands of users. However, this meant that Esfera took a back seat.

After much soul searching we have decided against building a new game until we put all of our must have features into each of our games (MultiMaze, Esfera and YourWorld).

For Esfera this means that we are now committed to producing an online playing capability so that you can play against people from around the globe. We think this, along with a base product that is free, will enhance the penetration of Esfera, which is ultimately an unfamiliar but great idea.

So, for now, enjoy Esfera for free.

As always, feel free to drop any feedback into the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Esfera is now FREE in anticipation of network Esfera

  1. HOLY CRAP!!!

    lol… I can not wait for multiplayer to be integrated with this game!!! You guys have taken Chess to a whole new level!!

    I grew up playing chess, my dad taught me how to play when I was 5… been hooked ever since… it’s even how I met my wife (playing one night with a friend at the Waffle House, she was the only server working that night, and we ended up sitting and playing for 4 hours straight…)!! – We still play at least 5-10 games a week, after 7 years of marriage! –

    So thank you for creating this VERY original, simply amazing game, and making it free!!! I never would have found it if you didn’t (need to thank Free App Tracker as well now… ).

    Keep up the GREAT work!!! You guys ROCK!!!

    1. Thanks Apparent Symmetry, it’s great to find like-minded lovers of chess. We are so glad you like our iPhone app, and it’s feedback like this that makes us want to improve the game.

      When we get network gaming enabled, we can have a game 🙂

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