Your World in your pocket – 270 countries and territories to be precise

Your World iPhone, iPad, iPod
Your World iPhone, iPad, iPod

We have finally launched Your World for iPhone/Pad/Pod. I say finally because we had all but completed this app when we decided to pull it from the AppStore approval process at the last moment to make two key changes. More on that later…

Your World has been spawned from a simple idea, challenge users to place the countries of the world into their correct locations. We thought, what a simple idea surely this has been done before. As it turns out, no one has implemented this on a nice 3D earth, so we built it.

To play it now download it from iTunes

We have also updated our website at take a look and please drop us any feedback on the new game or the website below in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Your World in your pocket – 270 countries and territories to be precise

  1. A truly wonderful game….but the status on Cyprus should change as the Northen Part should not be portrayed as a separate country. It is an illegal regime recognized only by turkey…..The republic of Cyprus is the only recognized republic in Cyprus…and the northern part is part of it..and part of the European union….please correct it.

    1. Hi Harris,

      Thanks very much for your kind comment, and the valuable feedback regarding the Cyprus situation.

      We source our data from a widely read sources who considers that if a region is controlled by a group that it is identified as a state. Importantly, this doesn’t mean we personally think that such a state is legitimate. We agree with you, in this case, that it is disputed.

      We aim to be as clear as possible about the fact that there is a disputed region, and we want to add some information about the Cyprus situation. We are working on making this clearer, across the board, so that the full story is told, from both perspectives. There are quite a few regions like this in the current app that would benefit from more information.

      Thanks for playing our game and apologies if we have, inadvertently, caused any offence.

      Sincerely (and respectfully),


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