Esfera 1.0 Released for iPhone and iPad

It’s been a long time coming, and we have now released Esfera for iPhone and iPad

You can now download it from the AppStore.

Esfera (the spanish word for ‘sphere’) is a chess-like game on a spherical object with 132 tiles. The rules of chess have been adapted to the sphere and what has resulted is nothing short of stunning as far as turn-based strategy games go.

Esfera iPhone & iPad
Esfera iPhone & iPad

We have put in a fair amount of work to make a complex game usable by supporting touch spinning and twisting (two fingers) of the sphere. Also we made it translucent (see though) so you can view through the sphere as if it were made from glass. One last touch was to make the pieces flip over when on the opposite side.

We have also built computer AI into the game so you can play against it. It’s not terribly strong, so given some effort you should be able to beat it. It’s not easy though.

2 thoughts on “Esfera 1.0 Released for iPhone and iPad

  1. Hi, I am Ian from Taiwan.
    The game idea is great! I really admire you create Esfera for inspiration!
    Your original idea develop traditional chess to a new level! I like it so much!

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for playing and writing such good comments about Esfera.

      We are trying to create a network version so that we can all play each other online!

      I have a couple of questions. Do you prefer OpenFeint or Game Center for a game network?

      Also, if you have time we would love a positive review on the AppStore 🙂 Everything helps us get more players onto Esfera so it can become more popular.

      Thanks again,


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