MultiMaze iPhone game in 50,000 pockets!

I thought to dedicate this first post to patting ourselves on the back for a great initial phase of iPhone development. We have been watching with excitement as our downloads (multimaze iPhone free version) went in excess of 1,000 per day. It’s dropped since then, most likely due to the fact that we haven’t updated the app since first release a few months back.

We are excited to be bringing you MultiMaze version 2, which sports a bunch of extra free levels. In addition we are selling a multiball pack that is simply stunning, in terms of the puzzle quality and creativity. As you can imagine, some of the possibilities with three or four balls are frighteningly complex, and way more fun. Are you up to the challenge?

Download it now from AppStore.

2 thoughts on “MultiMaze iPhone game in 50,000 pockets!

  1. I love these mazes, but I’m having trouble getting past level 21 on the classic pack on my itouch. the balls keep going off into oblivion and i can’t see around the maze as it sits tightly on the screen

    1. Hi aviva, thanks for playing MultiMaze. Level 21 is what we call a space-walk. Try to keep the balls close to the edge, it’s tricky! If you look carefully, you can see the reflection of the balls on the outside edge of the wall – this helps you navigate the space-walk. There are some incredibly interesting space-walks in the Master and Multiball packs too. They have more than two balls. Hope you get through 🙂

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