Esfera reviewed as a top chess app

We’re glad to see Esfera getting noticed from the folks at Free Apps For Me

15 best free chess game apps for iOS & Android

Take a look at Esfera if you are interested in strategy games.

Your World 3.1.4 released

Your World 3.1.4 has been released which contains a raft of fixes and refinements. We took the time to do a fairly substantial re-write of large portions of our code base. The goal of this effort is to be able to make more enhancements to the game faster.

We are looking to put in a few frequently requested features in the next month or so, such as putting text labels on the globe for countries, cities, oceans. Stay tuned!

Your World 3 released

After a long break we are happy to have released Your World version 3. The major addition is the Capital Cities of the world levels. Landmarks are coming soon.

What’s new in version 3x:

Your World now includes all capital cities of the world (with pictures), this is an amazing feature. The full set of improvements include:
• Learn 250+ capital cities of the world, including images of every city (major feature).
• Take advantage of full screen height on iPhone 5x.
• Fixed two flags: Libya and the U.S. State of Georgia.
• Fixed timer/clock, which was running too fast on some devices.
• Displaying larger selected country flag and name at top of screen.
• Fixed a range of bugs affecting app stability.
• Added Restore purchase button.

Please note that this version is not yet stable on iOS 6. We are pushing our a fix for this shortly.

Your World v2 getting some great feedback, and moving up the charts

Wow, it’s been way too long since we’ve posted here. We have spent a good deal of effort trying to put a decent upgrade to Your World out. We are really pleased with the results.
Some recent feedback (in July 2012)…

Jul 27, 2012 by miskairal
Wonderful – This is a great way to learn the countries. My only request is to make some of the writing bigger on some of the countries please???

Jul 25, 2012 by Ksskj8
Libyan flag is wrong – I think the flag is back to 2004 it changed during 2011 can you update?

Jul 22, 2012 by Yusufelbursevi
Tavsiye edilir 🙂 – Ulkelerin cografi yerlerini ogrenmek icin cok guzel bir uygulama ayrica wikipedia baglantisi ile ulkeler hakkinda bir cok sey ogrenebiliyorsunuz

Jul 17, 2012 by Idan Abarbanel
Good game – A few tips to make it better:seperate uk to england wales scotland an north ireland and add the next countries:abkhazia,south ossetia,Azawad,transnistria,nagorno-karabakh,adjar a,jan mayen,gagauzia, will make a lot better

Jul 13, 2012 by Tut1643
A fabulous app – A great tool for learning the location of countries and the states of USA. Looking forward to the addition of extra challenges being added to the app.

Here’s the quite lengthy list of new stuff (from AppStore description)…

• Over 270 countries and territories
• U.S. states and five continent levels
• Huge 100-megapixel earth, full HD for iPad
• Swipe, twirl and pinch-zoom to spin the earth.
• Realistic globe shows the world’s oceans, forests, snow, mountains and deserts.
• Facebook and Twitter sharing (including posting images)
• Save screenshots to Photo Album
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards
• Game timer (best times are added to leaderboards)
• Wikipedia links for all countries and territories
• Two ethereal soundtracks to choose from
• Compass (tap to point north upwards)

Phew! We almost bit off more than we could chew. This release is setting the stage for some nice additional polishing features, but, as always, we are interested in your views about what we should add next.

One interesting thing to note is some of the statistics about which countries people are placing. We created this chart that shows how many people (in a few weeks) get through each country.

On a different subject, our app ranking (for Australia) has been quite good with us in the top 100-200 for both iPhone and iPad. The U.S. has been a different story, and we haven’t been able to get within a whiff of the top 500! If you have any U.S. based friends and family, please tell them about Your World!

Esfera is now FREE in anticipation of network Esfera

We have had extremely good feedback regarding Esfera on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to everyone who has played the game.

Previously Esfera was being sold for ~$3 and there was no free version. We did this mainly because we thought it was a good quality, unique game that would be followed up by a network version of the product. Since that time, we have produced Your World which came together very rapidly and was definitely the right thing for us to focus on. Your World has very broad appeal and is getting downloaded by many thousands of users. However, this meant that Esfera took a back seat.

After much soul searching we have decided against building a new game until we put all of our must have features into each of our games (MultiMaze, Esfera and YourWorld).

For Esfera this means that we are now committed to producing an online playing capability so that you can play against people from around the globe. We think this, along with a base product that is free, will enhance the penetration of Esfera, which is ultimately an unfamiliar but great idea.

So, for now, enjoy Esfera for free.

As always, feel free to drop any feedback into the comments section below.

Your World in your pocket – 270 countries and territories to be precise

Your World iPhone, iPad, iPod
Your World iPhone, iPad, iPod

We have finally launched Your World for iPhone/Pad/Pod. I say finally because we had all but completed this app when we decided to pull it from the AppStore approval process at the last moment to make two key changes. More on that later…

Your World has been spawned from a simple idea, challenge users to place the countries of the world into their correct locations. We thought, what a simple idea surely this has been done before. As it turns out, no one has implemented this on a nice 3D earth, so we built it.

To play it now download it from iTunes

We have also updated our website at take a look and please drop us any feedback on the new game or the website below in the comments section.

Esfera 1.0 Released for iPhone and iPad

It’s been a long time coming, and we have now released Esfera for iPhone and iPad

You can now download it from the AppStore.

Esfera (the spanish word for ‘sphere’) is a chess-like game on a spherical object with 132 tiles. The rules of chess have been adapted to the sphere and what has resulted is nothing short of stunning as far as turn-based strategy games go.

Esfera iPhone & iPad
Esfera iPhone & iPad

We have put in a fair amount of work to make a complex game usable by supporting touch spinning and twisting (two fingers) of the sphere. Also we made it translucent (see though) so you can view through the sphere as if it were made from glass. One last touch was to make the pieces flip over when on the opposite side.

We have also built computer AI into the game so you can play against it. It’s not terribly strong, so given some effort you should be able to beat it. It’s not easy though. is now up and running

We have now put a site up at That will be our main site, but we will still blog here, so please stay subscribed.

For those interested in technology, we run our website out of a Ubuntu/Linux node at (highly recommended for startups). We use Nginx as a reverse proxy to handle different sites and plain old HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. If we need to serve up an API we will serve this using either mochikit (for simple / scalable services) or pylons (for more logic intensive work). We are open-source junkies!

Oh and kudos to the creator of css framework, we love it.